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No more intolerable smells when you heat up a wheat bag, and no more spills and burns using hot water bottles, jazminbell® products are filled with top quality rice grains. And, unlike traditional heat packs, we take the time to sew sections in the product in order to eliminate hot spots and deliver maximum comfort. The fun, vibrant choice of colours and patterns are unique to the brand and instantly bring a smile to your face!

jasmin owen is the creative mastermind behind the jazminbell cold/heat pack brand which was founded in 2011 during her final year at the textiles workshop at the australian national university

I have been developing cold/heat packs since 2012 and during this time I have spent a lot of time researching and understanding what makes a great cold/heat pack. This means that I have been able to create products that challenge the industry and use my qualification in the Bachelor of Design Arts to design a range of cold/heat packs that are superb in quality and function. The brand now offers of 11 different designs so you are bound to find the right product for you!

I believe that everyone should feel safe when using a cold/heat pack so I have spent time testing and researching heat pack standards. This allows me to deliver reliable products that come with full user instructions making them ready for stress and hassle free use.

Making great quality products is what I love to do

and it all comes back to my creative background and hard-working grandfather who was one of the first to pioneer rice farming in Australia. I am so lucky to be developing rice filled cold/heat packs in a country that is at the top of the rice farming industry. With articles being published in magazines such as Woman’s Day, TV Week and Yours the brand is becoming nationally recognised and everyone should feel proud to have their own jazminbell® product which has been individually handcrafted in the Canberra studio.

jazminbell products are locally owned, designed and handmade all within australia and featuring unique cold/heat packs that have been hand filled with quality australian grown rice grains